I haven't posted anything in so long! (clearly)... Why? you may wonder... Well, I had no idea what to post. I may have told u about my perks, quirks and quests, but I thought, mmm all that is overdone. I just needed something new, something stand out-ish and I still haven't figured it out but I stumbled on an amazing thought and I intend to make it a reality. So, please hold your breath and keep chanting 'I love it, I love it, I love it' 'coz in time  (not so long, I promise) you will see what has been baking and you will have no choice but to love it...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!- *shame on me*


Im still here... Happy as ever

So 2011 is coming to an end and well, i havent really posted anything much. That was awfully fast. So much has happened  and Im sure so much is yet to happen. Im just glad Im still holding on to the thin fragments of life, hoping so intensly to live this gift to the fullest.

I have lost so much, lost so many people once dear to me but there was no pause button, life had to go on regardless of the pain and confusion. Although still in the dark I know I have grown to be a better person I know Im yet to grow. I have learnt so much and I am still to learn. Beacause, you see, life is what you want it to be afterall.

Iwould narrate every single detail but Im sure half way through you would get bored cz afterall what happens to me is nothing new, it happens to the whole world too. My message? Find happiness, stay safe, learn to take care of yourself and live like you have never lived before; feel and experience everything from a whole new perspective.

Wishing you all a happy new year.

Oh oh, just now, I was watching P!nks 2010 Grammy Performance, goodness she is breathtaking, I dont think I can ever get over that performance and Im yet to find something that tops it... ok breath...

Here is the link if you are wondering; 'what the hell is she on about?'

‎...My thots live on this wall
Thots dat wen verbalised can make fall the great wall of china
Make call to a legion led by an undead hyena
Bring to sin da descendents of da holy ghost(angels)
n Baptise souls birthed from Lucifer's vagina(demons)
Either make God forgivin to Adam n Eve
or make breathe the apple on the tree give it speech
make em hear it speak,'I am not for you to eat'
...n these thots can make free the eternal prisoners of inferno paradise(hell)
Also make rise Moses n John along with Jesus
wouldn dat be a major change God's fixtures??
...a single thot can also make sleep the ancient wives
that left their abusive men to start homosexuality
Im not rily against it G,i just think its a lifestyle birthed from insanity
...Power of da mind,thots dat can make die reality
make you live in my own fantansy which is set in Sparta 17th century...

#to be continued...

Thuso Mokane

I had to post this... Talent indeed...


when dark times linger, you know they will not last forever... 

when the going gets tough, you have to at least know what is taxing your soul so... 

slow down for a breather, look again and you will see the world's new colors...

call me weird, call me emo but i know, music made with passion nourishes the soul... Remember "tears are words too painful to share," shed them but let the music do the soothing...


So the doodler has returned...
Doodling used to  be a hobby, something I usually found myself doing without a thought into anything...
Samples of what Doodle and I came up with? You bet :)

Sometimes we are too busy looking for what WE consider perfect, so busy that we miss the absolute perfection in front of us.
                      I want to love you 'till i hurt from the joy and pleasure of loving, teach me how so I can be the best there is for you.
Search no more, for in me you have the ultimate, the best there is, simply because YOU make me who I am...
I never knew anyone could know me; a complex being, more than I know myself... tell me what love is then if this is not it.
Your touch is warmer than the the sun's rays on a winter's day, your kiss sweeter than the first morning dew, your eyes radiate a deep assurance that the future is OURS...
You ask me if I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I hesitate, it is not because I'm unsure of the purity of our love;no, I fear I may wake up soon and this was all a sweet dream...

.....only i know

they say hard times come and pass
i say say life's a bitch that forever kicks ass

you say i should count my blessings
i say tough times wont keep me guessing

they may say this, you may say that
what i say is full of guile for now

dont persecute me for my words
for tomorrow i may spit out worse

Just 17 and wondering............(VOICE ACT)


This poem was written by Karizmah some few years ago... Of course then she was a confused young girl, new at the game of love and like many, taking all the blame for all pieces broken.
Now, 4 years later, she realises that each and every experience makes her the woman she is today, a true epitome of charm, a pillar of strength in a world so full of ruin, a vessel of love, ready to give yet ever so cautious... we could go on all day to show her maturity, so lets just listen to this lass, once broken, now facing the world with such zest-----------------> because like you, nothing can keep her down she only bounces back with a backbone made of steel and like you, her backbone is hers to keep...

Karizmah's world as she sees it!! Fashion, Poetry, You, Me....... this and that really!!

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